Our late founder and benefactor, John Briscuso, on his way to the Okinawa invasion.

Italian Business Men


Sometime in the early 1980s a small group of Italian Business Men, from the Annapolis area, enjoyed camaraderie nourished by their Italian heritage.  This small group of men decided to meet on a regular basis to share their robust enjoyment of food, wine, music, and sports. The club was born to foster goodwill, good times, and pride in our Italian heritage.

They built an Italian network that has sustained the test of time. From a handful of men, they have grown to nearly 200 in number, and the same trust, respect, and loyalty exists today.  Currently, second and third generation family members experience the camaraderie that started decades ago.

A special acknowledgement to Pasquale Di Donato and Robert DiAsio for their role in establishing the IBM Club.  Included in this acknowledgement are Anthony Calabrese and Robert Carlucci. These men were instrumental in the success and direction of the club over the years. 


In addition, the memories of A. John Briscuso, Michael Cusimano and Thomas Florestano will live on as they too contributed to the success and growth of the Italian Business Men Club.

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