Italian Businessmen, Inc.

a Domestic Non-Stock Corporation



Foster goodwill among businessmen of Italian heritage.

Foster enjoyment and pride in a common heritage.

Assist the younger generation in appreciating their heritage and carrying on the traditions.

Enjoy fellowship with no business solicitation.

Rules & Regulations

The Italian Business Men is a non-political social club for Italian males over the age of twenty-one. The following rules are established for the conduct of the club's operation:

I. Membership

A. New Members –Before a new member nominee is considered for membership, he should attend three consecutive meetings, be introduced to members, and most importantly, should be an Italian-American male or related through blood.  New member nominees will be instructed on the purpose of the organization by the member who is recommending the nominee.  The Board of Consigliere will vote on new member applications. 

B. Active Members - The membership list will be periodically purged of inactive members who have not attended any functions for a period of three years. A list of inactive members will be maintained, but inactive members will not receive announcements or be eligible to attend events.   Current members who are non-Italian shall remain in the club as long as they are active. 

II. Board of Consigliere

The club shall be operated under the direction of the Board of Consigliere, (hereafter referred to as the “Board” who was initially appointed by the Principal Founder and, thereafter will be nominated by the membership of the Club.  . The nominees shall be interviewed and selected by the Board.. There shall be seven members of the Board unless voted by the Board to increase the membership, including the President who serves one year and who shall conduct the meetings, but only vote in the event of a tie.  The President can serve consecutive terms.  All members of the Board  shall serve 3-year terms. When possible, there should be at least one member of the Board under the age of thirty-five (35) who has demonstrated faithfulness to the Club’s purpose. The Board shall select a President every year in April. The Board shall appoint a secretary and treasurer.  The Board will guide the operation and activities. It shall have the authority to interpret and enforce the Rules. The Board  shall meet at least twice annually at a time and place designated by the President.. The President may appoint a designee to act in his absence. A simple majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

III. Meeting Format for Club Meetings

6:30-7:00 Social Hour – No seating, cash bar

7:00 Seating for Dinner



Introduction of Guests and New Members

Role call for all attendees (president’s discretion)

Member Spotlight: Sharing of Family History


9:00 Meeting Adjourned

The President  presides and conducts the meeting.  He will acknowledge members who wish to have the floor to speak. The member who has the floor will be treated with respect by all members and will not be interrupted until the floor is yielded and the President recognizes another to speak.

IV. Program/Events

Events such as bocce, golf and fishing tournaments and trips to Italy, New York City, Atlantic City, etc., special functions, and activities shall be coordinated by a designated member for each event. Once the event is announced participation will be on a first come first serve basis.  Payment is due in full upon sign up.   Events should be published or announced well in advance of the event.  

V. Dinners

A member of the Board shall be designated by the President to coordinate dinners and establish locations and prices in advance.

VI. Seal

The seal shown below shall be the official seal of the club. It represents the cultural heritage of Italia and the migration and allegiance to the United States with the underlying motto of amicizia or friendship.

VII. Notice

These Rules may be modified from time to time by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Consigliere.

Revised January 12, 2018

Board Approved January 23, 2018


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